This is Chackabag Pro

Limited editions

Custom made ideas 

Climate neutral Company 

Produced in Germany/ Weimar

  • How it began

    I started working in film industry over 20 years ago. Ever since I’ve been looking for „the perfect setbag“.

    Someone said: You have to do it by yourself!

    And that’s what I did.

    I decided to design my own perfect setbag.

    Til then I created different models which are

    - shoulder and back friendly.

    - produced in a climate neutral German factory in Weimar ( TWH Weimar)

    - providing enough space and possibilities to store all items easy to reach.

    - great to be used at locations which are hard to access.

  • Because everyone has their own packing system I produce limited editions which will be enhanced with every update influenced by your suggestions and ideas.

    So get in touch with me and tell me all your wishes for your perfect setbag!

    Looking forward to get in touch with you!

    Yours Charlotte